Cuisines of Daman

The land of sun, sand and sea – Daman is known for its unrivalled beauty and plethora of tourist destinations. Throughout the year it is visited by people from nook and corners of the country. Apart from its scenic splendour, Daman is also known for its delectable delicacies and mouth-watering sea food, with a touch of both Indian as well as the Portuguese influence. A number of street side food stalls as well as availability of liquor in abundance are noteworthy features of the Daman cuisine.

Traditional Food of Daman

Due to its proximity to Gujarat, native Gujarati food forms a major part of the cuisine of Daman. Once under the possession of Portuguese, the traditional Portuguese food is also quite popular here. There are a number of restaurants serving delicious sea food as well as authentic Parsi food, another favourite of the locals of Daman.

Food of Daman

The traditional food of Daman is predominantly vegetarian. The people have a light breakfast with Rotli (flat breads) and tea, while rotla (peasant’s bread) and saag are taken for lunch. Chokha, with saag and curry is taken for dinner. Puri, lapsee, dudh-plag etc are prepared during festivities. Aleti Paleti with chicken liver and gizzard, bheja na cutlets, Parsi kheema, boi, batter-fried Bombay ducks, akuri are popular Parsi breakfast dishes.

Popular Dishes in Daman

Chicken bullet is a unique and popular dish of Daman. Papri, boiled sweet and salty peas is one of the favourite evening snack of the people of Daman. Crabs and lobsters form the major delicacies during the month of October. Fish Koliwada, a spicy fried prawns dish, is said to have its origin in Daman and tingles the taste buds with its mild and subtle flavour.

Popular Dishes in Daman

‘Cozido’, a dish made of meat and vegetables during Christmas and Val nascido made on the feast of St John de Baptis are quite popular among the Catholic community in Daman. Christmas is a time for joy and celebration with plenty of cakes. Gujarati sweets like laddu, basundi, jalebi, barfi, lapsee are also quite popular here. All kinds of alcohol is available in abundance in Daman

Eat outs and Restaurants in Daman

Pav Bhaji, bhel, chaat, vada pav are popular street foods in Daman. Jetty Roll, a local version of Kathi kebab rolls, is a specialty of Daman. There are a number of bars, selling beer, scotch, wine, feni etc. Toddy and Tari Palm Wine, a popular drink sold in earthenware pots are found in abundance here. The Jampore beach has a number of beach shacks that sell a variety of mouth-watering dishes including pani puri, egg parathas and sea food like chicken xacuti, butter-garlic tiger prawns, pomfret, dharafish fry, fish squid, steamed sweet corns, gola, coconut water with vodka etc. The Damao Pequeno Jetty is a popular fast food centre, ever crowded with tourists as well as the locals.

Daman Dishes

Besides, there are a number of restaurants in Daman, serving a variety of dishes, some of them being thematically decorated. There are restaurants, exclusively reserved for sea food specialities, while some are known for their regional vegetarian dishes, including those serving Gujarati, South Indian, Punjabi thali etc. A number of restaurants specialise in Asian, Chinese, Halal, Fast Food, Continental, Pizza, Mexican, Sandwiches, Pasta, Thai dishes etc. Most of the restaurants are equipped with well stacked bars, offering a variety of cocktails and mocktails for the guests.

Meridien Guzzlers & Sizzlers
Address: Near Old Bridge, Moti Daman, Jetty Road, Moti Daman, Daman - 396220
Phone: +(91)-9898066384

Bijal Bar And Restaurant
Address: Patel Falia, Near Daman Ganga Garden, Vapi Kachigam Road, Kachigam, Daman Ho, Daman - 396210
Phone: +(91)-9825087939, 9978066799, 9727207777

Daman Delite Restaurant
Address: C/O Hotel Gurukripa, Gunnavante, Sea Face Road, Nani Daman, Daman - 396210
Phone: +(91)-9227759265, 9227759284, 9227843921
+(91)-260-6452494, 2255046

Many food festivals are organized, especially during the Christmas eve, presenting an array of lip smacking culinary delights. Gurukripa, Hotel Miramar, Daman Delite, Oliaji's Duke Hotel, Kasumbho, Pind Punjab da, Veera da dhaba in daman are some of the eateries and restaurants that are known for their delectable cuisines, that are appetizing and savoured by people all over the globe.

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