Healthcare Services in Daman

The ‘Land of Sun, Sea and Sand’, Daman is popular for its calm and serene beauty, golden beaches, vast stretches of unexplored sand and a hoard of attractions, making it an important tourist hub in India. Its pleasant climate and easy accessibility add to the charm attracting people from far and wide. The increasing number of tourists has necessitated the need for superior healthcare services to the visitors as well as the locals of Daman. The government is taking adequate measures to ensure that the people get quality medical services at affordable rates.

Government Health Infrastructure in Daman

The Union Territory Health Mission (UTHM) by the government to ensure that adequate healthcare facilities are available to all the people in Daman and Diu. Various objectives of this scheme include universal access to public healthcare services, prevention of diseases, population stabilization, promotion of healthy lifestyles etc. The District Health Society has been established at Nani Daman to implement various healthcare programmes and projects in Daman. Various other schemes like the Rogi Kalyan Samiti for managing the affairs of the hospitals, Janani Suraksha Yojana for reducing the rate of maternal mortality, Vector Borne Disease Control programmes are undertaken to arrest the spread of diseases and offer healthcare services to the locals as well as tourists at reasonable costs.

Health Care Services in Daman

The Government Hospital in Daman is equipped with about 100 beds, 36 doctors, 30 nurses, 24 hour ambulance facility, laboratory, blood bank, pharmacy and various other facilities. Emergency services are also available with a casualty section equipped with the latest technology and gadgets like monitors and ventilators and well experienced casualty officers to deal with medical emergencies and crises. Many healthcare services are provided to the patients, free of cost.

Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes in Daman

In addition to the Government Hospital, Daman also has a number of private hospitals to cater to the needs of the sick and needy. A few of these hospitals also provide ambulance services, round the clock to enable that timely treatment is available for those in distress. Equipped with the latest technology and equipment, and a dedicated and qualified team of physicians and staff, these hospitals are capable of offering quality services to the people. Ashwini Hospital, Care N Cure Hospital, Hansa Clinic, Life Care Multispeciality Hospital are some of the private hospitals in Daman that cater to the needs of the people.

Homeopathy in Daman

Homeopathy in Daman

Homeopathy, the art of treating ‘Like with like’ is gaining immense popularity in Daman, as an economical form of medical science. Besides enhancing the overall well-being of a person without side effects, it is also known to boost the body’s immunity and resistance to various disorders. In addition to homeopathic clinics like Neel Clinic, Tubhyam Homoeopathic Clinic, there are also a number of private homoeopathic practitioners, who provide treatment to the people in Daman at affordable prices.

Ayurveda in Daman

Ayurvedic treatments in Daman

Ayurveda or The Science of Life, is an ancient Indian system of natural medicine. This form of medicine focuses on complete elimination of the root cause of the disease, rather than temporarily preventing it. With its origin in India, it is now enjoying major resurgence in India as well as abroad. Patanjali Arogya Kendra is a famous Ayurvedic centre in Daman, that provides authentic Ayurvedic treatment for curing various conditions and illness. Apart from treatment, the Ayurvedic practitioners in Daman also offer various guidelines on daily routine, diet and behaviour, thus ensuring the overall wellbeing of the people at nominal rates.

Chemist Shops in Daman

Chemist Shops in Daman

There are a number of pharmaceutical and medical stores in Daman, that provide timely medical aid to the people, especially during medical emergencies. There are chemist shops that remain open 24 hours, catering to the needs of the people. Apart from prescription drugs, these stores also offer items of daily necessities that can be availed, throughout the day. They also provide home delivery services, as and when necessary. These shops are equipped with well experienced and courteous staff, ever ready to help the people in times of emergencies.

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