Lifestyle in Daman

Known for its enchanting beaches, glistening sand, never ending stretches of palm trees, historic relics and plethora of tourist attractions, Daman that was once visited only for its abundant availability of cheap liquor has managed to attain the status of being one of the rapidly developing tourist hub in India. It is renowned for its multiculturalism, and is considered to be a melting pot of various cultures and races. With the influence of Western culture, one can see a number of restaurants, fast food centres and entertainment centers being set up in various parts of the city. The mulch-faceted culture of Daman is evident from the lifestyle of the people here.

Traditional Lifestyle in Daman

Daman was once under the Portuguese rule and this fact is evident from traces of the Portugal influence in the architecture, cuisine, customs and lifestyle of the people. It is considered to be an amalgamation of Indian and European culture, evident from its name - ‘Damao’, a symbolic gesture, depicting the meeting of two cultures. The customs and rituals practised by the people in Daman are very much similar to those in the adjoining state of Gujarat. Under the Portugal influence, Daman has been a home for centuries of intermarriage and religious tolerance, very rare in other parts of the country.

Traditional Lifestyle in Daman

Daman once stood as a coveted centre for spreading Catholic faith to the whole of North India.The people of Daman attach great importance to music and dance and it forms an integral part of their celebrations. Mando Dance, Verdigao and Vira dance forms were quite popular and still practiced widely. Christmas, Easter, Garba, Nariyal Poornima and other festivals are celebrated here with great pomp and fervour. Men wera kurta pyjama, while women prefer ghaghras, sarees or salwar suits on special occasions. Christians prefer wearing European costumes.

Influence of Western Culture

Owing to the influence of Western culture, there have been remarkable changes in the lifestyle of the people in Daman. Portuguese, which was once the official language in Daman, has been replaced by English. Shirts and trousers are gaining popularity among the men, while the women are switching over to skirts and tops, jeans, kurta etc. Various restaurants and fast food stalls have been established throughout the city, catering to the needs of the visitors as well as locals in Daman. Numerous markets, electronic showrooms and other shopping avenues have been set up for the shopaholics in Daman. Water Parks and other entertainment centres add to the delight of the children in Daman. Realizing the importance of a healthy mind in a healthy body, gyms, meditation centres and health clubs in Daman are being frequented by the locals as well as visitors. Numerous beauty parlours and spas, sprawling up in various parts of the city cater to the needs of the beauty conscious people of Daman.

Fast Food Culture in Daman

Fast Food Culture in DamanThe fast food culture is gaining immense popularity in Daman, especially with the establishment of a number of eateries and fast food stalls in various parts of the city. There are a number of multi - cuisine and sea food restaurants where one can relish variety of authentic and delicious cuisines. Vada pav, bhel, pav bhaji and other chaat items are among the popular street food items in Daman. Damao Pequeno Jetty, Pithora Garden Restaurant, Aahar Fast Food Centre are popular eateries in Daman that serve a variety of lip smacking delicacies. Most of the restaurants have fast food centres and well stacked bars offering the visitors a variety of cocktails as well as mocktails. Sea food items like butter-garlic tiger prawns, pomfret, dharafish fry, fish squid available in theJampore beach shacks are quite popular among the tourists.

Nightlife in Daman

With more than a dozen bars sprawling around in various parts of the city, Daman enjoys an active nightlife. Being a cosmopolitan city, Daman has a number of options to hang around during the night time. From cool partying places to beaches, late night pubs, casinos and clubs, Daman has plenty to offer to those in search of entertainment. Restaurants like Silver Sandy Hotel, Cidade De Daman and Miramar are perfect destinations where you can spend your night enjoying good music amidst vibrant atmosphere.

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