Public Utility Services in Daman

Daman, known for its scenic beauty and popular tourist attractions is rapidly developing into a major tourist hub in India. Thus due to the constant influx of tourists and the increasing population, the demand for public utility services is also increasing. The government is thus taking utmost efforts to ensure the safety and comfort of the locals as well as the tourists visiting Daman. For the convenience of the people, a number of utility services like hospitals, postal and courier services, banks, ATMs and media services are provided.

Public Utility Services in Daman

Administration in Daman

The Union Territory of Daman and Diu has an administrator appointed by the President of India. His duties include monitoring of budget, development activities, decision making etc. For administrative convenience, various departments Finance, Transport, Sports, Excise etc have been set up and officers have been appointed to look after their respective departments. The collector is responsible for the administration of the city and carries out several duties including law and order, development activities, land revenue, disaster management etc.

Daman Administration

Honourable Administrator of Daman
Address: Administrator’s Office, Secretariat, Daman
Phone No: 2230700, 2230770
Fax: 2230775

Collector of Daman
Address: Office of the Collector, Collectorate, Dholar, Moti Daman, Daman (U.T.) - 396220.
Phone No: 0260-2230698
Email: [email protected]

Healthcare Services in Daman

Healthcare Services in DamanThe Union Territory Health Mission (UTHM) is an initiative undertaken by the government in Daman and Diu to ensure adequate healthcare facilities to all the people. Besides, other schemes like Rogi Kalyan Samiti, Janani Suraksha Yojana, Vector Borne Disease Control programmes are undertaken to bring about awareness among the common people and thus prevent the spread of various diseases. The well-equipped government hospital in Daman provides various services to the patients, free of cost. In addition, there are a number of private clinics and hospitals, providing quality treatment to the patients at affordable rates. In addition, there are homeopathic and Ayurvedic clinics and practitioners, catering to the needs of the tourists and locals in Daman, offering them timely and reliable services. The medical shops in Daman offer that remain open 24 hours, offer medication as well as items of daily necessity, and act as life saviours in case of emergencies.

Government Hospital
Address: Daman Ho, Daman - 396210
Phone No: +(91)-260-2230466

Public Health Center
Address: Kachigam, Daman Ho, Daman - 396210
Phone No: +(91)-260-2242814

Safety and Security in Daman

Ensuring the safety and security of the locals as well as tourists in Daman is one of the prime duties of the police department in Daman. The police in Daman are known for their honesty, courage, dedication and compassion. They are fearless and discharge their duties in an upright manner. Their responsibilities include maintenance of law and order in Daman, preventing crimes, keeping at bay various suspicious activities, helping those in need etc and thus strive hard to maintain peace and harmony in Daman. The Police force in Daman is headed by the Superintendent of Police and he is assisted by several officers, who help him discharge his duties.

Safety and Security in Daman

Superintendent of Police, Daman
Phone No: 0260-2220051, 75675 88868

Police Control Room

For Senior Citizens

Nani Daman Police Station

Coastal Police Station

Postal Services in Daman

Postal Services in DamanDaman, being a rapidly developing tourist centre in India, has a well organized postal network with post offices throughout the region that perform a variety of other tasks in addition to their regular activity of delivering letters. These tasks include savings account, money order, speed post, payment of bills, insurance, track and trace etc. The head post office is located in the Valsad district while the branch and the sub post offices are located throughout Daman. In addition, there are a number of courier services in Daman like The Professional Couriers, DTDC, First Flight etc that offer reliable and timely services.

Banking Services in Daman

Daman is a major tourist hotspot and attracts huge crowds from far and wide, throughout the year. For the convenience of the visitors as well as the locals, several leading banks have set up their branches throughout Daman. These include Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, Development Credit Bank, State Bank of India, Yes Bank, HDFC Bank and many others. To facilitate easy and convenient monetary transactions, ATMs have also been set up by the banks in various parts of Daman.

Traffic and Transport in Daman

The excellent connectivity and easy accessibility are prime factors responsible for making Daman a tourist hotspot. The collector of Daman is the director of Transport in Daman and Diu. The clean roads, lush greenery, orderly movement of traffic in Daman are noteworthy. Daman has a defence and civilian airport operated by the Indian Coast Guard. The nearest international as well as domestic airport is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, with regular flights to various parts of the world. The Vapi Railway Station is the nearest station to Daman, well connected to cities like Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bhuj, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Dehradun, Hyderabad, Ernakulam, Jammu, Amritsar etc. Daman is connected to major Indian cities by national Highway 8. The Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) run buses operate at frequent intervals, enabling transport between Daman and nearby cities. The services offered by luxury buses, cars and private taxis can also be availed. Local means of transport include autos, unmetered taxis, shared vehicles, tongas, mini buses etc.

Internet and Telecom Services in Daman

Internet and Telecom Services in Daman

Daman has good broadband internet connectivity, though there are few internet service providers. 3G internet services are provided by vodafone, airtel, BSNL etc. EVDO internet services are provided by MTS and BSNL. Landline and FTTH services are provided here by BSNL. These networks offer high speed and reliable communication services, catering to the needs of the locals as well as the visitors. There are a number of mobile shops and service centres, throughout the city, adding to the convenience of the people in Daman.

Press and Media Services in Daman

Press and media services play an important role in the economic, social as well cultural role in the lives of the people of any region. Daman, being an important tourist hub, has numerous newspapers and other media services that educate, entertain and update the people about various social happenings and issues of national and international significance. Hindi, being an important language, various Hindi newspapers like Asli Azadi, Savera India Times, Hindustan Lokshakti ka Parcha etc are quite popular. Vapi Samachar and Daman Ganga Times are among the widely read Gujarati dailies. English, being the official language here, Times of India, Hindustan Times etc are popular English newspapers in Daman.

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