Things To Do in Daman

The tiny hamlet of Daman is home to great many churches, forts, beaches and religious places. Apart from sightseeing, one can indulge in a variety of activities in Daman. From taking a heritage walk around Daman to parasailing in the beaches, there are lot many activities in which you can engage yourself. While some may prefer the sublime solitude of the forts and beaches, the adventurous ones may opt for various water sports or thrilling fun rides in the parks, the party goers can enjoy themselves in the nightclubs and discotheques, while for the food lovers, there are a number of restaurants and eateries. Here is a list of activities, you could indulge in, while in Daman, to make your trip an interesting and a memorable one.

Take a stroll along the shores of the beaches

Things to do in Daman

Daman is known for its beautiful foamy beaches with vast never ending stretches of sand, which provide a visual treat for the visitors. Walking along the shores of the beach, doing nothing, while the waves dance up and down your feet is a joyful experience. While children can spend time making sand castles, you can also collect sea shells and other memorabilia to take back. The sublime solitude and scenic beauty of the Devka as well as the Jampore beach in Daman infuses you with renewed energy and vigour. In the evenings, you can sit by the beach, sipping chilled beer, watching the magnificent sunset. The beautiful scenery and the pleasant ambience make you forget all your tensions and worries, and transport you to a different world, altogether.

Enjoy water sports on beach sites

Interesting Activities in Daman

Apart from swimming and taking a stroll, there is a plethora of activities that you can engage yourself in, while in the beaches in Daman. Motor boat riding is a favourite pastime of the tourists here. Parasailing and paragliding are for the adventure seekers. Snorkelling, water-skiing, wind-surfing are other recreational activities, in the beaches. Pony riding, buggy riding, camel riding and nano riding are enjoyable and thrilling, especially with your loved ones. You can also find here, groups of children playing, cricket, football etc and indulging in a variety of fun activities.

Spend quality time at famous parks and gardens of Daman

There are a number of parks and gardens in Daman, known for their enchanting beauty as well as delightful recreational facilities that offer the tourists, a respite from the monotonous city life. The Daman Ganga Tourist Complex is one of the most sought after tourist hub in Daman. Comprising of a lake, walkway, fountains, tiny cottages, cafeteria and a lot more facilities, all under one roof, this place with its charm , has enough to keep you entertained for the entire day. The Jetty Garden is again a popular tourist spot, attracting people of all ages. There are lawns, picnic spots, food stalls and many more activities that you can engage yourself in.

Daman tourism

The Satya Sagar Udyan, known for its serenity and beauty, is a favourite among the solitude lovers. You can also visit the Sri Satya Narayan Mandir in its vicinity, and seek the blessings of the Almighty. The Kadaiya Lake Garden is known for its artificial lake, water rides, pretty fountains, games and is an ideal location for photography. Keep your camera handy, as you can get to click some amazing snaps, to fill your album. The Vaibhav Water Park, near Daman is another delightful and exciting picnic spot with water rides and a number of thrilling activities for people of all ages. Spend a day in these parks and gardens to experience the wonderful magic of nature on your body as well as your soul.

Pay a visit to forts and monuments

You can take a heritage walk around Daman. It is full of forts, monuments and churches, where you can experience the rich and glorious past of Daman. The churches and the forts are examples of architectural marvel and reflect the rich and unique Portuguese style and architecture. The Nani Daman Fort, Moti Daman Fort, Pargola Garden, Light House are some of the structures, that catch the fancy of tourists, especially history lovers.

Daman tourism

You could visit the Sri Satya Narayan Temple, Somnath Mahadev temple and the Jain Temple to experience their breath taking beauty and the divine ambience. The Churches of Bom Jesus, Our Lady of Rosary, Dominican Monastery and other places of worship reflect the architectural brilliance of the Portuguese artisans.

Enjoy Shopping in Daman

Shopping in Daman can turn out to be a fun filled and relaxing experience. There are shops and markets, selling a variety of goods, ranging from handicrafts and apparels to furniture and electronic gadgets. Bamboo mats and baskets, leather slippers, sea shell and oyster items are popular goods, available here at cheap prices. Souvenirs like chain, necklace, earrings, wall hangings, handicrafts made of sea shells and other items are quite popular among the tourists, especially foreigners. You can visit the customs and duty free shops in the Foreign Market, selling a variety of items of daily necessities at quite affordable rates.

Shopping in Daman

Maharaja Super Market and Princess Park at Devka Beach are other popular shopping avenues in Daman. For the booze lovers, there are a number of shops selling different varieties of branded liquor at throwaway prices.

Wine and dine at popular restaurants of Daman

For the sea food lovers Daman is a paradise. Due to its proximity to the sea, there are a number of sea food restaurants serving varieties of delicious and fresh sea food preparations. While in Daman, do not miss the fish koliwada and chicken bullet, specialities of this place. Meridien Guzzlers & Sizzlers, Hotel Miramar, Daman Delite, Oliaji's Duke Hotel, Kasumbho, Pind Punjab da are some of the restaurants and eateries in daman, where you can enjoy a variety of Indian as well as international cuisines.

Restaurant in Daman

Most of these restaurants have their own bars, where you can enjoy various cocktails and mocktails. Some of them are also equipped with nightclubs and open air discotheques, where you can party and enjoy yourself to your heart’s content till the wee hours of the morning.

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